Professional development is a professional task.

Currently, there is an increasing need for teachers who are able to carry out pedagogical activities through the prism of creative development, as well as through the introduction of advanced pedagogical experience. In the XXI century, such professional abilities as creative thinking, information and communication culture, competitiveness, leadership qualities, and systematic professional development are required from a teacher.

The quality level of teaching staff is an important component of the education system.

Teachers have the right and are obliged to improve their professional qualifications. The professional development indicator is an important part of the evaluation of an institution during certification and state accreditation.

The Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, by order of December 30, 2022, amended the Rules and Conditions for the certification of teachers.

In order to clarify the main changes that were made to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science dated January 27, 2016 No. 83 “On approval of the Rules and Conditions for certification of teaching staff filling Positions in educational organizations implementing general education programs of preschool education and retraining, primary, basic secondary and general secondary education, technical and vocational education, post-secondary education, additional education and special training programs, as well as other government officials in the field of education and science”,

15.02.2023 a seminar on “New rules for teacher certification in 2023” was held for college teachers.

The methodologist of the college Togaibayeva N.K. focused on the main changes in the Rules that are relevant for teachers of technical and vocational education organizations.

The following changes were noted:

– increase in the number of points required to confirm the qualification category

– exemption of teachers of pre-retirement age from certification

– exemption of teachers of special disciplines from the assessment of teachers’ knowledge

– a compromise solution for colleagues with work experience of 30 years or more

In the first half of 2023, 10 college teachers plan to undergo the certification procedure according to the new Rules.